NAMU: connecting money with memories

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NAMU is a revolutionary banking platform. It lets people see how their money works with their lives. It makes banking simpler, clearer and more fun.

  • See photos and posts
    connected to a transaction.
    Connect money and memories.
    Statements customers can enjoy.

  • Clear, simple calendar.
    Linked to social networks and profiles.

  • No more switching accounts to gather data.
    Search your entire financial history,
    and see all possible actions all the time.

  • Why NAMU?

    It’s time to move the focus from product to customer.
    With NAMU, people can manage their accounts
    in the most natural, useful and enjoyable ways.
    Not just the ways the technology demands.

    The name NAMU comes from the Korean for ‘Tree’. Our symbol is the Gingko tree:
    Gingko famously helps improve concentration and memory.

    Meet our team

    We’re experienced bankers who know the industry at a deep level.
    We know the issues, and we’ve worked out how to solve them.
    Right now, people see checking their statements as a dull chore. We made it a useful joy.

    If you are brilliant, we are hiring.
    See available positions


    NAMU referenced in Forrester Research!

    From the very beginning of our market presence NAMU, the only mobile banking solution which consistently employs a photograph-based interface, underscoring the link of memories, emotions and life stories with personal finance, has continually attracted media attention. Most recently, NAMU has been recognized as top 10 mobile banking solution provider, as well as featured in […]

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