NAMU to Offer
Virtual Branch

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New York, April 20, 2015. NAMU Systems will partner with LiveBank to offer a virtual branch solution, integrated with its mobile banking platform. The globally unique live banking product, now part of the NAMU mobile banking application, will be presented during the demo days of the EMEA edition of the reputable Citi Mobile Challenge contest, organized by Citibank. NAMU is a finalist in the Citi Mobile Challenge EMEA. NAMU Systems is a fintech US start-up with offices in New York and Poland. The company’s founders have extensive banking experience, which allows them to innovate with full understanding of both the complexity and the security requirements of banks.

“Despite its relatively short presence in the market, NAMU has created a unique mobile banking product, while LiveBank offers the customer service model of the future. I am convinced that the compatibility of both applications will generate maximum satisfaction to banks worldwide as well as their clients” – said Piotr Budzinski, NAMU CEO, who led strategic technology projects for top European banks and US asset managers, prior to co-founding the company.

About LiveBank #LiveBank24

LiveBank, an innovative banking product created by Software Mind, which is part of the Wind Mobile Group, is a virtual branch working both in a browser and on mobile devices. This remote bank service has all the features of a physical branch, including face-to-face communications. Thanks to the video, audio or text chat feature, bank clients can take care of their banking needs while sharing their screen with the financial advisor. LiveBank has been implemented by large European banks. Thanks to Software Minds’ cooperation with NAMU, it will be offered to American banks soon.