New York, May 11, 2015. NAMU Systems, a fintech start-up offering a revolutionary social mobile banking solution, today announced it has been selected to present at FinovateSpring 2015 on Wednesday, May 13. The demo is NAMU’s third presentation of their cutting-edge innovation to the global financial community this spring. It follows the company’s successful participation in Citi Mobile Challenge, the reputable Citibank competition organized worldwide – as its finalist. FinovateSpring 2015 starts tomorrow in San Jose.

NAMU delivers a new standard in mobile banking by implementing an intelligent behavior modeling, which focuses on customer behavior and digital experiences. It is based on a patent-pending ‘Social spending behavior algorithm’. The product highlights include: highly visual user experience, Google-like search through the customer’s entire transaction history and across all banking products, new data organization, contextual, personal and relevant permission-based advertising of targeted offers to consumers as well as a virtual personal branch. By implementing LiveBank, the world’s most advanced video branch solution, Namu’s video connection allows the bank’s agents to support all client’s banking transactions while connected, as well as enabling interactive tools. In a product-centric banking environment, NAMU makes banking totally customer-centric and mobile banking a new source of revenues for banks.

The founders of NAMU Systems, Thomas Ko and Piotr Budzinski, have extensive banking experience (they have a background working with global giants), which allows them to innovate with full understanding of the complexity and security requirements of global banks.

“The NAMU solution is designed and created to transform the banking experience for consumers and make it more relevant to the social and digital world. This revolutionary approach has already triggered the interest of several major banks since the launch of the company last year. FinovateSpring is a perfect venue to showcase what a great product we have created and how it can revolutionize banking. We want to meet like-minded business partners and clients – leading institutions from the financial services industry”, said Thomas Ko, NAMU’s President and Co-Founder.

“We can proudly say our product takes banking into the next level and reflects all the hottest digital and social trends. We are happy to officially announce we are ready to implement the NAMU platform”, said Piotr Budzinski, NAMU’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Finovate Spring is open to fintech startups as well as established companies putting their brand new innovations on the market. The process of selecting products to be demoed is thorough and several criteria are taken into account, including novelty (newness of the fintech), innovativeness (originality of the approach), potential (degree of impact in the fintech industry), diversity (comparison to the number of companies in the same “space” competing for a spot) and the “wow/cool” factor.

“For each event, we receive far more applications than we have demo spots to fill. Given this competitiveness, one of the major keys to getting a spot is to have something new and substantial”, said Eric Mattson, the Finovate Group’s CEO.