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When we think of banking, what image comes to mind? Do we think of giant bank chains which tend to be impersonal or do we think of local chain banks which offer personalized service? Whichever type of bank you are used to, there is often a dilemma when it comes to the user experience.

Life is busy and banks should keep up with consumer demand for good-looking interfaces. Initially, you may question the importance of beautiful designs integrated into mobile banking. Your first concern is most likely regarding safety and functionality. We get it. Our team is meticulous about making sure the banking experience is safe and gets the job done – we’re banking veterans. However, we even go a step further than many banks are willing to do. To clarify, NAMU is not a banking solution – it’s a new banking experience.

Let us explain. Experiences in any context, whether it be shopping or driving cars, create different levels of enjoyment. If, say, you were shopping in a run-down mall, you would probably be hesitant to shop there again. In another example where you’re driving a sports car, driving enthusiasts will be the first to tell you that, compared to a production model, driving a sports car is the difference between night and day. Both will get you from point A to B, but the experience will be different. The experience can be (and is!) the same with NAMU.

Where do these feelings stem from and why do they matter in banking? This points to the limbic system and neocortex part of our brain. Interestingly enough, our limbic system largely influences many of our decisions. It understands the value behind brands and a company’s emotional triggers. Meanwhile, the neocortex focuses more on reasoning and motor commands.

It’s important to understand the limbic system and the neocortex for several reasons. For most of our lives, banks have focused on the financial side of the business (which is good). However, many have failed to focus on out-performing competing banks in online and mobile user experience. In other words, they have out-performed themselves to appeal to the neocortex part of the human brain and have neglected the limbic part.

NAMU is setting out to reunite the key elements in the relationship clients have with your bank. By creating quality software that banks use to enhance the look and feel of their banking system, we create a more joyful experience. Plus, information is secure since the data is retrieved directly.

Who knew seemingly minor changes could have such a profound effect on how your clients perceive banking? Different parts of your client’s brain react differently when he or she interacts with your bank, its representatives and your team. NAMU provides the new tool to expand you didn’t know you needed.